I went to this art competition on Saturday where basically there is really talented high school students showing off their paintings, drawings, sculpture, and photography. It's called VASE and it is a state wide competition in texas.

It was an alright experience, haha. A lot of waiting around to be judged. The judging periods are only a few minutes long but since there are so many students to be judged, you must wait. Which means a lot of boredom. So, when you get judged your judge rates your artwork on a scale of 1-4. When you get a '4' you are qualified to get chosen to go to the state wide competition. I got 4's on both of my photographs (:

I really won't know for sure if I got to state until wednesday. So now I must wait again. EEK!

Here is me looking like a dork when I got 4's on both my pictures. When you get that high score your art gets displayed in a hallway.

Here is my actual Photographs-

Just a heads up, if anyone attempts to go to VASE, bring a book!

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Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Sounds like the science fair with all that waiting around, but so much cooler. Congrats and good luck at State!

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